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About PFF

PFF is a private, bank-independent financial company. We provide our clients with receivable funding, A/R management, A/R security and A/R collection. We respond to individual needs in a goal-oriented manner in order to provide immediate liquidity for earned revenues to our qualified customers. This takes the form of collateralized and non-collateralized cash and non-cash loans.

PFF also provides Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, Leasing, Forfaiting and Revolving Loans, predominantly to existing customers who have already established a good track record with the company. We provide our clients with receivable funding, management, security and collection.

As a bank-independent financial company with a private shareholder background, we can ensure the flexibility of our decisions and short pre-cooperation validation in response to our clients.

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#1711, 17th Floor, GLOBAL BANK, 50th Street
Obarrio, Panama City, Panama

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